Monthly Archives: February 2017

northern NY event photographer 2017

St. Lawrence University's "Got Spirit?" Workshop and Concert is one of my favorite events to photograph. I've been photographing the concert for several years now, and the music always gets better and better. I'm glad to be the photographer they trust to capture all of the moments and action of the concert. The singers, musicians,…
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Upstate NY real estate photographer

Working with #LaValleyRealEstate over the last couple of years has let me photograph some really beautiful houses. This location in Hannawa Falls was truly gorgeous, even in the winter snow. Two-story windows let in light and the beautiful river view, to both the main living room and kitchen, and the windows to a wrap-around enclosed…
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Photography Education: ISO

In this video, you will learn about ISO and how ISO functions in the camera to help create a proper exposure. You will learn why higher ISO settings can help bring in more light to your image, but may at the same time create grain and decrease sharpness. I also will give a brief overview…
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