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Potsdam and Canton Photographers

One of the things I really enjoy about being a professional photographer is getting together with other photographers to work on learning and improving our photography skills.  A few of us got together last week for a night-time model shoot to work on lighting after dark.  I really love night-time urban photography, but living in…
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Photography Education: ISO

In this video, you will learn about ISO and how ISO functions in the camera to help create a proper exposure. You will learn why higher ISO settings can help bring in more light to your image, but may at the same time create grain and decrease sharpness. I also will give a brief overview…
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Photography Education: Shutter Speed

In the most recent video in my series "Get Out of Auto Mode," I go over shutter speed and how different shutter speeds will affect your image.  I discuss the need for higher shutter speeds to minimize motion blur, and the artistic possibilities of using slower shutter speeds.  Take a look, and hopefully this information…
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