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It's spring time in the North Country! Which means it's time for tulips, which are among my favorite flowers. This past weekend my family and I headed up to Ottawa to see all the tulips in bloom. Don't you love the colors?
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Innisfree Garden Millbrook, NY

On a recent trip to the Hudson Valley, I had the opportunity of visiting Innisfree Garden, which is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been to. According to their website, the garden is ranked as one of the world's 10 best gardens: "Inviting exploration and even contemplation, Collins’ sweeping landscape merges the…
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Spring Flowers 2017

I was so excited to see these crocuses blooming today, the first flowers of the spring season!  I'm also working on improving my macro photography (meaning close-up photography for my non-photographer readers).  I like doing this kind of work, and it's one of the things I enjoy about wedding photography, that I'm able to do…
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