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Photography Education 01-2017

This is the first video in an educational series I will be creating this winter to help people learn how to use their cameras better. It gives a brief overview of the three things that come together to create a photograph: 1. The Aperture-or hole in the camera and lens that let light in. 2.…
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Photography Class January 2016

I'm excited to offer my first Photography class for 2017!  This is the beginners class for people who are new to their camera and want to get out of auto mode.  Great for people who got a new SLR for Christmas (or Christmas last year!) and don't know how to use it. If this class fills,…
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Wedding Photographers in Lake Placid

Natalie and Adam's wedding was truly spectacular.  Photographing at the Golden Arrow Resort Hotel is always fabulous, and when you add a wonderful couple, bridal party, and family to the mix, it just gets even better!  One of the stories for me at this wedding was seeing the joy of Natalie's mom and dad throughout…
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